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“KICKOFF Startup Weekend Bergen – celebrating 100 000 entrepreneurs”


Not only are we hosting the first StartupWeekend KICKOFF in Bergen on the 17th of January, we are also celebrating 100.000 entrepeneurs milestone through the Startup Weekend organization!  That means we will make a toast not just for entrepeneurs that will join our local event, but for all entrepeneurs around the world, for entrepeneurship, guts, creativity and madness. Come celebrate with us!

For this event we have invited some people that will make the event smell of awesomness…

Our guest speakers this evening:

Christer Hansen Eriksen

The guys from Pido know all there is to know about the life after a successful Startup Weekend event! They got 2nd place at the SW event in Bergen last year, with a mobile application for restaurant orders, and the team is now an awardwinning company with great success.

Christer will talk about Pido as a great and shiny example of what could be the outcome of a last minute decision to sign up for a Startup Weekend event.

Henrik Lie-Nielsen

Henrik is the founder and CEO of Knowit Reaktor. He is one of the nordics countries’ highest experts in use of web- and mobile technology within bank and finance. Henrik is often used as a Strategic Advisor, Trend Analytic and Business Developer by investors and businessleaders. He is also highly competent within Software Architecture and Developement.

At the kickoff, Henrik will give a presentation of “Gründer-culture” in a stock exchange listed company – The key to innovation and the ability to change.

Yngve Dahle

He is a Civil Economist from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and has also studied political science. He worked 6 years with bank and insurance, part of the time as Commercial Director in the Norwegian bank “Gjensidige”. From there he has lead technology based companies, both domestic and international, for 10 years. In addition to being the main writer of the book “Vekstbedriften” and “Lönsam Tillväxt”, Yngve is partner in “Televenture” and lector II at Oslo School of Management (Markedshøyskolen). He is also the man behind Viaducts nation wide series of workshops on business ideas, models and plans.

Erlend Bang Abelsen

Erlend also is a Civil Economist from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and has got 15 years of experience with Business Development, Solution Management, sale and market in technology based growth businesses. Together with Yngve, Erlend is the founding partner of Viaduct and co-writer of the books “Vekstbedriften”, “Lönsam Tilväxt” og “Forretningsplanen – 10 enkle trinn”. In addition, he is highly experienced with coaching and mentoring of growth businesses from his 2,5 years in CONNECT Vest and from Viaducts own courses and workshops.

Yngve and Erlend will give us a presentation of the Ten Steps Model (Titrinnsmodellen) which has been cited as a “Businessplan 2.0” because it combines a “lean” approach with the best from traditional businessplan work, and thereby creating something brand new. The main philosophy is to keep it simple.

Nils Petter Nordskar

He is one of Norways most profiled textwriters within advertising, and is highly experienced in commercial communication. He has recieved “Gullblyanten”, which is an award of honor within advertising, and has won several other prizes for his work. He was the first person in Norway to recieve the distinction Internet Person of the Year, for establishing one of Norways first big internet companies – already in 1995. Some of his projects include the launch of “Flytoget” in Norway, the reprofiling of Norol to Statoil, the name and launch of the electric car “Think”, and the launch of Telenor at Oslo Stock Exchange. He recently published a new book called “Tusen og enda en natt”.

Nils Petter is coming to Bergen to  give us a presentation on How to succeed with your ideas


All that is left to do is to press “attending” on our facebookevent and put on your fancy pants, VÅG is the place!